Upcycled BAgs 

Made from Leather Coats

Custom Ordering

If you have an outdated leather coat ready for upcycling into a leather bag, read about the process within the Custom: Send Your Coat item in the online shop.  You will need to send a photo of the original leather garment, and can also specify the general type of bag you prefer. Uptown Redesigns will make all final design decisions, but will try to meet any special requests. Once a custom order is received, Uptown Redesigns will contact you to work out the final design details, to work out the estimated price*, and to organize the logistics. Clients are responsible for all shipping costs for their custom projects, and may also be required to make a deposit.  Please allow three weeks production time.

* For custom orders, Uptown Redesigns will determine a price based on the amount of time/labor required to complete the bag, and on a similar pre-existing bag's current price.  Most typical custom jobs start at $250 and range anywhere from $200-$300, but will vary greatly based on the condition of the leather and the details of the job.  All applicable tax, shipping, and handling fees apply.