Upcycled BAgs 

Made from Leather Coats

The Process

About sandy philpott & New Orleans

Sandy Philpott founded Uptown Redesigns in Annapolis, Maryland in 2009, and relocated the business and her life in 2011 to be a part of the city she loves: New Orleans, Louisiana.  "New Orleans is rebuilding.  It is also an authentic city that prides itself on history and tradition.  My bags and my processes, in a way, honor all of these things.  My processes are authentic, and I am rebuilding vintage materials into new and improved, functional products.  Seems like a natural fit for this town!"

Sandy combines her business and creative skills with her lifelong passion for sewing in this venture.  Uptown Redesigns is not only a reflection of Sandy’s style and practicality, but also demonstrates resourceful practices that limit waste and reduce unnecessary consumption and stress on our environment.  "I like to focus on the practical use of products in addition to their aesthetics, so that my ultimate designs are usable, durable, and beautiful.  I also have a strong affinity for fabrics and textiles, and have a hard time parting with outdated (but high quality) clothing, sweaters, jackets, and linens.   I believe that in today’s world, it is important to not only be economically resourceful, but also to leave as little impact on our environment as possible.   It just makes complete sense to take formerly enjoyed (but no longer used) high-quality materials and fibers, and let their originally valuable assets be showcased and reused in a new, updated product."

Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, Uptown Redesigns is a design studio that takes outdated leather coats and upcycles them into new leather bags.  Each bag is individually designed and handmade and is completely unique. Bags can be specially "made to order" based on one of the available designs shown in our e-shop, while a constantly rotating boutique collection of pre-made bags can also be purchased and shipped out immediately.

About Uptown Redesigns

​​The bags are also all lined with repurposed canvas of US Army tents or discontinued fabric/upholstery remnants, and a "Handmade in New Orleans" label is stitched into each one.
Note: Because the materials are repurposed, small flaws or signs of wear may be seen in the bags. None of these blemishes detract from the durability or beauty of the designs and simply add additional character to the unique design.

Uptown Redesign’s bags are made from outdated leather coats, leather garments, and also used military canvas.  These treasured items are brought into the studio, cleaned, conditioned, and then redesigned into beautiful and unique products, one at a time.  As much as possible of the former material is used in the new designs. Capitalizing on a garment’s original pockets, stitching and trim is part of the fun, and these details are often incorporated into the new the designs.